18 December 2007 /
A diamond made from hair of "Miss Russia"

As a raw material to make such a wonder they used the blond hair of the known Russian beauty contest "Ms. Russia" winner, presenter and model Victoria Lopyreva. Victoria has shown a yellow 1 carat diamond to journalists.

"To make it, Victoria should have about 10 cm of her own hair cut — informed the unique stone producers to the press. — The diamond has no difference from the real one, it is created from the natural carbon, which new technologies allow taking from the hair".

 Now Victoria is planning to present a diamond on a charitable auction, funds gathered from it will be transferred to children, who lost their parents during military actions in the Chechen Republic.

A journalists' question: "To whom exactly?" Victoria answered: "Nationality and religion have no value. There  could not be winners in this war — both parties have lost a lot. Children have suffered most of all. We should help them as much as possible... I hope new technologies will be a privilege of the future without war and violence, when people learn to appreciate true values, such, as love and peace."