06 March 2008 /
The caucasian captive

During several weeks one can meet Victoria in a dancing studio, where she is being trained to dance lezginka. Under Victoria's special invitation a friend of her, the honored artist of Dagestan, soloist of ensemble "Lezginka" Muhamed Nur Sultanov arrived to Moscow.

Lezginka is the Caucasian dance, temperamental, with alive rate, which for a long time has been one of  the Caucasus symbols. In Caucasus to dance lezginka, to express spirit of people, heroism was the honor and dignity of people from any mountain area.

 When the girl dances, it is possible to judge about her inner world by her movements, body posture, manners, and how she keeps. In the Caucasus it is considered, that the person's soul is reflected by the dance.

 Victoria Lopyreva is enthusiastic about her new hobby: "I have always liked beautiful and proud people. I was born in the Caucasus! I respect traditions and have great interest to the history and culture of the Caucasus peoples. Lezginka just charms me.

 Question of journalists: "Was it easy for a professional dancer to train a glamour beauty?" — Muhamed answered: "Victoria is a real girl from the mountain area, brought up in the Caucasian traditions; the art of lezginka seems to be in her blood!"