23 October 2007 /
The Golden hundred of the high-society capital

The highest party of the year, which has already become a good tradition, "The Golden hundred of the high-society capital" took place at the "Millionaire Fair" main stage. Only this night may be called the most desired one both for "The Golden hundred" representatives and for citizens of glamour world, gossip-column editors. Over a year the Millionaire Fair organizers observed carefully successes and failures of the gossip-column stars. Again, for the second year, they published "Millionaire Fair Golden Hundred" exclusively for the event. All party guests were lucky to be the holders of the issue. The number of nominations and presents awarded grew significantly if compared to the previous year. Andrey Malakhov won the nomination "The most invited man of the year".

In the photograph: Andrey Malakhov and Victoria Lopyreva.