30 January 2006 /
It's no dream. It's "Adrenaline"

Route glittering with lights. High-power engines roaring. Crowds of enthusiastic spectators, raging with emotions, and a dozen of young beauties driving ultra-modern cars.

It's not a dream. It's "Adrenaline". An extreme TV show, where the best and not the first wins. It is you who is the manager of the wheeled madness. Choose one of 12 charming girls, put her at the steering wheel of a stylish sports car and start your way to world fame, turning the race to a Hollywood blockbuster sparkling with special effects. Make the crowd roar with delight, and it will put you on top of the fame!

Only one girl of the game really exists — and it is "Miss Russia", a model and a TV presenter Victoria Lopyreva!