01 June 2005 /
Dmitry Malikov’s new video

Recent Dmitry Malikov's video "From blank page" was shot in Kiev. The video director is Vladimir Yakimenko, who worked with Taisia Povaliy, Andrey Danilko and shot the sensational "Black Beamer" for Seryoga. He offered a choice of four scenarios for Malikov's new video, and it is to one of them that the video was shot in  Kiev and White Church in three days. They had to block off the part of southern railway station, Kiev street, and to rent the organ concert-hall building in the White Church. It was there where the Catholic wedding scene was shot. The well-known model and TV-presenter, "Miss Russia" Victoria Lopyreva was offered to perform the main part in the video.

Wedding dress for Vica was tailored by the same tailors, who make dresses for "VIA Gra" group. All details were specified over the phone, and it was not until the shooting that the dress was tried on. After the shooting, the dress was presented to Victoria. "It turned to a valuable souvenir now, — says Vica. — Just like the "Miss Russia" diadem, the dress I was wearing when I won "Rostov beauty", and many other prizes for various contests. Who knows, I may well make a rarity auction by the end of my life! Any way, starring in Malikov's video is an important experience for me — it's not that easy to show real emotion in just three minutes. I hope everything went off well. The video is to be released soon, so now it is the spectators' turn — the main thing is that they like it."