13 November 2008 /
1st Channel starts broadcasting the reality-show “Survivor (The Last Hero)”

 On November 16, the 1st Channel starts broadcasting the reality-show "Survivor" (Last Hero), which Victoria Lopyreva took part in. The new project is called "Lost in Paradise". It will follow to the best traditions of similar survival-projects, which won the fame with TV viewers, but life on island and rules of this show will be harder and more extreme than in projects of the previous years.

 Below there are extracts from the diary of starry heroine.

"Survivor" (Last Hero): day one.


Airport, dim light, 5 a.m. ...a group of people with polite smiles. I don't want to talk. I'm tired. Haven't had any chance to sleep: shooting for Russia.ru was until 1 a.m., then packing. Actually all my belongings were put in a small rucksack. Trying to get through with Victor Erofeev, doesn't answer...does he fly? Devil! Some days before Dima Dibrov was happy that in a group of "heroes" there are already 2 adequate persons...though what adequacy he was talking about? There are just 2 familiar people, and it is very much in the situation.

The same dim light of a nearly empty airport. At this time there are the cheapest flights...have saved, as usual!

I recognize Dzhigurda in a man with fiery "mane", no chance not to hear him. Funny man!

He is flying with the guitar. How does he think he will bring it to the island?

Mum's embrace. She is very anxious; but I'm already 25, though it's not an argument, when all mother's life is in the child.

I see Erofeev. It is seating calmly aside, drinking coffee. Exhalation of relief...in a good company one can survive a long flight in second-class cabin...Already during passport check I notice a young man... attractive, he looks at me without turning his eyes away...Tair? — I cannot contain myself...he smiles...how should I know, devil, starts again; sometimes it happens, that my thoughts are quicker than reality. I think I know in which team I want to be...Victor and Nikita promised to try to arrange it.

Who designed these planes? I thought it is not right to insist on business-class cabin to fly to an island where there is no even a toilet, but now it is clear that it was a mistake. At first, we fly to Amsterdam and then to Panama-city.

Erofeev is telling a story and I think I have just read next book now; and understand, how at 60 one can have a 3-year old daughter...The most interesting story: voodoo, Africa,...I close my eyes and realize that I would be easily agreed to run away somewhere to have a journey along Mississippi...but we are tougher, Bocas del Toro is much farther away; and what is most important, we fly, to create a unit of society: tribe...making fire, searching for food...I find it necessary for my mind overfilled with all sorts of shit...and I must say that my motivation is very argued...I'm bored! I'm bored with always ringing mobile, with tough schedule and trademark grins. I'm bored to plan my day so that it was also convenient for my dressmakers and pedicurists...I'm bored to excuse myself before my housemaid why I don't finish second course...yes I don't, and that's all...I haven't wanted. We very seldom do what we really want and so often what we have to...

In the window I can see the weather in Amsterdam is nasty. It is obviously grey and dull there...Good Bye, Moscow! I will miss your drive!