20 November 2008 /
"McDonald’s" gathered stars to take part in a charitable action!

On November 20, in 22 Russian cities, where there are restaurants "McDonald's" "McHappy Day" was held. On this day according to the noble tradition founded by "McDonald's" company and Charitable Fund "Ronald's  McDonald's House", politicians, actors, TV-presenters, sportsmen and other famous public figures gathered to support the initiative to help children. Standing behind the cash-desks in "McDonald's" they sell company's products, all profits are given to support different social programs.

Before standing behind the cash-desk, the stars decided at once to make a competition under the title "who will manage to sell more mittens?" So, Victoria Lopyreva (Miss Russia 2003) promised to kiss everyone, who will buy three pairs of mittens by Masha Cigal'. After such an announcement one of the clients suddenly spoke in verse and started kissing her hand.